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Offshore tower location survey

Offshore Tower Location Survey, North Carolina

Precision Measurements, Inc. was the surveying consultant for the offshore tower location surveys performed in the Atlantic Ocean for the U.S. Navy. Project services included:

  • Reconnaissance of suitable shore control
  • Verification of existing control values
  • Global Positioning System Surveys to produce centimeter accuracy locations of tower apparatus
  • Provide complete survey report.
  • Route 33

    Route 33 (VDOT), West Point, Virginia

    Precision Measurements, Inc. is currently performing the surveying and mapping services for the multiple bridge replacement project at the town of West Point, Virginia. Project services include the following:

  • Property owner, property line and right-of-way research
  • Full topographic mapping
  • Hydrographic surveys
  • Bridge situation surveys.
  • Richmond Airport

    Richmond International Airport, Richmond, Virginia

    Precision Measurements, Inc. was the surveying consultant for various airport projects. Various of these projects were inside the Aircraft-Operations-Area. Project services included:

  • Providing full topographic surveys
  • Providing Horizontal and Vertical control
  • Providing DTM's
  • Locating all utilities
  • Providing Stake-out services.
  • Richmond Airport

    City of Virginia Beach BMP Pond Survey, Virginia Beach, Virginia

    Precision Measurements, Inc. was the surveying and mapping subconsultant for providing horizontal and vertical locations and hydrographic surveys of BMP ponds throughout the City of Virginia Beach. Project services included the following:

  • Reconnaissance of horizontal and vertical control
  • Utilization of GPS (static and real time) for control establishment and specified locations
  • Hydrographic surveys to determine bottom profile and siltation surveys
  • Conversion and delivery of all data in format compatible with Hansen software
  • Richmond Airport

    Fort Pickett Re-Tracement Boundary Survey, Fort Pickett, Virginia

    Precision Measurements, Inc. was the surveying subconsultant to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Norfolk District, for the boundary retracement survey of the Fort Pickett Reservoir. This project consisted of retracement and re-establishing approximately 66,000 linear feet of boundary line encompassing the Fort Pickett Water Reservoir. Project services included the following:

  • Court house research
  • Field reconnaisance
  • Boundary retracement(66,000 Linear feet)
  • Monumentation
  • Preparation of plats
  • GPS surveys.
  • Monumentation

    Precision Measurements is able to provide its clients with any type of monumentation that is required. PMI can and has set Core drilled monumentation, Cast in place concrete monuments, Pre-cast concrete monuments and NGS 3-D type monuments. With each monument PMI has also provided a reference recovery sheet.

    PMI has set monumentation of various types on the following projects:

  • City of Suffolk Geodetic Control Network, Suffolk, Virginia
  • City of Chesapeake Geodetic Control Network, Chesapeake, Virginia
  • College of William and Mary Geodetic Control Network, Williamsburg, Virginia
  • Powhatan - Chesterfield County Boundary Project
  • Fauquier - Prince William County Boundary Project
  • Fort Pickett Boundary Survey, Fort Pickett, Virginia
  • Voice of America Boundary Survey, Sao Tome, West Africa
  • City of Virginia Beach, Virginia
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