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Woo hoo. Was in the middle of a new job search for over 14 months. So happy to join a powerhouse in the industry. Just finished before the 1st week! UN Women has high hopes for Watson – to the point that they want to make him their next human rights celebrity. Macron has excelled in France`s elite schools, including the powerful National School of Administration. Microsoft has been known as a software powerhouse for most of its history and has certainly improved its hardware game under the leadership of product manager Panos Panay. Washington State is truly a power. We have Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing and Starbucks. But more importantly, we had Costco Baby, I think Alysha Umphress does “I Can Cook Too” is a powerful number.

The whirlwind of floating leather straps and the buzz of the dynamos at the power plant drove Stephen to be there. Old English hus “apartment, shelter, building designed to be used as a residence”, from proto-Germanic *hūsan (source also from Old Norse, Old Frisian hus, Dutch huis, German house), unknown origin, possibly associated with the root of hide (v.) [OED]. In the Gothic only in the “temple” of Gudhu, literally “the house of God”; the common word for “house” in the Gothic period is razn according to OED. Charlie was an engineer at the new nuclear power plant, just outside the city. Most notable of these is the cancellation of South by Southwest, the annual festival of music, film, television and technology that serves as a significant financial powerhouse for the city. The meaning “family, including ancestors and descendants, especially if it is noble” dates back to about 1000. The meaning of the zodiac is first attested at the end of the 14th century. The legislative meaning (1540s) is transmitted by the building in which the body meets.

The meaning of “audience in a theatre” dates back to the 1660s (transferred from the theatre itself, Schauspielhaus). Meaning “place of business” is 1580s. The specialized meaning of college and university (1530s) also applies to buildings and students together, a double meaning once found in relation to religious orders (late 14th century). As a dance club, DJ music style, probably from the Warehouse, a Chicago nightclub where the style is supposed to come from. The second most populous country is a drug manufacturing powerhouse. It didn`t take too long for the power plant to be used figuratively for powerful people or things, especially those known to dominate in their field. A company can be considered a power plant in its industry, or a country can be called a generating plant. As FiveThirtyEight`s Josh Hermsmeyer detailed, NFL defenses are far less consistent than their counterparts on offense, both over the seasons and between seasons, leading many defensive powers to wonder where the magic went the following year. Example: Because they always win, they can always recruit the best players, making them an eternal favorite in the conference. The first records of power plants date back to the last quarter of the 1800s, which makes sense because it was at this time that electricity generation became more convenient and widespread. The word is simply a combination of power and home, in which the house is used as a general word for a building (as opposed to a house where someone lives). Because the National Football League is a cultural and economic powerhouse.

The companies at the center of the digital universe are now modern-day powers – worth billions and almost impossible to avoid in everyday life. Literally, a power plant is a station or facility that produces electricity. Although it can still be used in this way, terms such as power plant and power plant are much more common. Powerhouse is used much more often figuratively, especially in the context of sports and business. Which of the following words least describes a power plant? Continuously, tirelessly, the sounds suggested the thoughtless vitality of a steam engine or dynamo in a power plant. A power plant is a powerful, powerful or dominant person, group or thing. The other men returned to the plant with their shotguns and axe of fire and made phone calls with bootstrap. also Powerhouse, 1873, “Building in which electricity is produced (by steam, electricity, etc.) to power machines”, from electricity (n.) + house (n.). The figurative meaning “source of energy or inspiration” dates from 1913. The group was founded in 2008 by agents who would later have ties to the black silver power plant Crossroads GPS. Cato and his men had spent waiting for mercury to work on the large generators in the nose of the plant.

These sample sets are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word “power plant.” The opinions expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. Specifically, there doesn`t seem to be any power in the division (especially with the Nats). You can compete with these teams. What words share a root or word element with powerhouse? What are the words that are often used to talk about potency? The theatre house dates back to 1871; in reference to “Have Sex, shack up”, 1968. House arrest first testified in 1936. The house painter dates back to the 1680s. Housekeeping (n.) dates back to 1704. On the house is “free” from 1889. House and house have been twinned allotarily since about 1200. The feeling of “owning an inanimate thing or the agency to change other things” is in the 1590s. The meaning “a state or nation in terms of international authority or influence” [OED] dates back to 1726.

The energy available for work dates back to 1727. The meaning of “power supply” dates back to 1896. Achieving the Powerhouse Paris Proof standard requires not only renewable energy production and energy efficiency, but also emission-free construction sites, climate-friendly materials, recycling and reuse as part of the solution. Colloquially, a power of for “a great quantity of, a large number of” comes from the 1660s (cf. powerful). Formulate the powers that are “the authorities concerned” of Romans xiii.1. As a statement wishing good luck, more power for (someone) is recorded from 1842. A power play with a human advantage in ice hockey, so called from 1940. Power failure “(power) failure” dates from 1911; The power steering of a motor vehicle dates back to 1921.

The power policy “political action on the basis of or supported by threats of violence” (1937) reflects the German power policy. The meaning “someone who has power, a person in authority, or the exercise of great influence in a community” is at the end of 14c. The meaning “a particular ability or ability” dates back to the early 15th century. In mechanics “what can be done with which work can be done”, from 1727. at 1300, Pouer, “capacity; Ability to act or do; Strength, Power, Power”, especially in combat; “effectiveness; control, domination, domination, ability or right to command or control; legal authority or authority; Authorization; military force, an army”, from the Anglo-French pouair, old French povoir, name of use of the infinitive, “to be capable”, formerly podir (9c.), from the vulgar Latin *potere (source also of the Spanish poder, Italian potere), from the Latin potis “powerful” (from the root PIE *poti- “powerful; Lord”). Powerhouse is perhaps most often used as a sports cliché. It is often applied to teams that are particularly difficult to beat or are known to win year after year. Powerhouse is most often used figuratively, especially in the context of sports.