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Arlington National Cemetery – Arlington, VA

Project Description

PMI has performed a multitude of surveying services at the Arlington National Cemetery both as a Prime Consultant, as well as a subconsultant. 

The projects, as a Prime Consultant, have included:

  • Survey Monumentations for Various Sections
  • Boundary Wall Topographic Survey
  • Storm Drain Phase 3 & 4
  • Storm Drain Phases 5 & 6
  • Subsurface Investigation

The projects, as a Subconsultant, have included:

  • Ord & Weitzel
  • Ord & Weitzel Gate
  • Administration Building
  • Tourmobile Plaza
  • Southern Expansion
  • Funeral Procession Area

Project Services

  • Property Research
  • Horizontal Control
  • Topographic Survey
  • Boundary Survey
  • Subsurface Utility Survey
  • CCTV Services
  • Final Deliverable is USACE – Norfolk District CAD Standards
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Westfields – Tysons Corner, VA

Project Description

PMI has completed numerous construction as-builts and cutsheets over the past 2.5 years via an on-call contract. The field crews have worked diligently to provide high accuracy construction stake out for everything from curb & gutter to building anchor bolts and columns. We have also provided stakeout services for duct banks, buildings, light poles, and retaining walls. PMI has provided those services for the Westfields Site Security, Westfields Station 4, and Tysons Corner. We have been able to get on site when called upon and have a quick turnaround in production of cutsheets and as-built drawings for the contractor’s use. Our staff communicates clearly and often with the many superintendents involved with this large, highly involved project.

Project Services

Construction Stake-Out Services