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An affidavit is a written affidavit. They are used for many things, such as court records, business transactions, and certain types of loans. We also have general affidavits for California, Florida, Illinois and Texas. Answer a series of questions to create the legal document you need, download and print your PDF file. We have over 150 legal forms for professional and personal needs, all created by lawyers. Gale LegalForms offers a wide range of state-specific (and multi-state) essential legal forms that can be adapted to the most common legal procedures. These forms are used by lawyers and law firms. Includes real estate contracts, wills, prenuptial agreements, bankruptcy, divorce, tenant owners and many others. Many forms are ideal for supporting legal tasks relevant to business owners, such as filing copyrights, patents and trademarks, articles of association, licenses, and more. If you are a tenant who wants to sublet or transfer your rental property, it is important to make the right agreement to protect your interests. We offer forms that support or assist with landlord and tenant disclosure and other issues. In California, we can even help you release and renounce privileges on your property.

We offer power of attorney forms for all your agency`s needs. Real estate, finance, health, etc. FindLaw, the #1 trusted source for online legal information, has partnered with the best online legal form company, U.S. Legal Forms. For more than nine years, U.S. Legal Forms has been ranked #1 “Legal Forms Product”. By partnering with U.S. Legal Forms, the FindLaw community is able to find the legal answers and solutions to their legal problems by finding the right form for the right situation.

Whether you need to create a will, start a business, or register a trademark, U.S. Legal Forms allows you to create your own legal forms without having to pay a lawyer. Can`t find what you need? If you can`t find the legal form you need, send us an email and we`ll consider adding it in the future. Once your legal document is created and adapted to your needs, it`s up to you! Save it, print it and share it with whomever you want. A collection of legal questions with answers from a lawyer, arranged alphabetically. Answers and explanations are arranged alphabetically and presented in secular language, so that the information is easy to understand. Fill out your form by answering a series of questions online – in human, not legal language. FORMS & MORE Access a vast collection of official documents, including trial forms, court samples, checklists, sample letters, and more. Didn`t find the form you were looking for? Show more.

Forms and job kits for interviews, hiring, contracts, etc. “I ordered real estate forms online and placed the order twice because of my mistake. This morning I called customer service and Vern immediately credited my visa with the extra amount. No problems, no conferences, no problems. » Provide specific legal forms for all formal needs, including wills, powers of attorney, real estate, business start-ups, landlords, tenants and thousands of others. If you want to formalize a housing situation or need in-home services, a written agreement can promote understanding between all parties involved. It can also protect your interests and help you stay comfortable. Print a PDF file or save it for later, and then share it with other parties for signature. Buying, selling, renting real estate contracts and more. Whether you`re a wedding planner, an event photographer, or a company looking to sponsor a corporate event, you`ll want to know that cost, services, and expectations are well understood to ensure the event`s success. Like a receipt, a purchase agreement confirms a transfer of ownership. It also includes the details of the purchase and the signatures of both parties to make sure everything is official. There are different types of loans with different terms.

But all involve a borrower who must agree to these terms and a lender who wants to be repaid. The people who work for you are your greatest asset. Good letters, communications, and policies can really help you get it right when it comes to recruiting and hiring, managing employee feedback, and responding to disciplinary or unforeseen situations. Entertainment is both an art and a business. Agreements and publications are important elements in protecting artists and their employees, business partners and representatives. Whether you have a partnership, LLC, or business, there are many documents you need to officially start or end relationships. There are also agreements, notices, invoices and receipts to carry out your day-to-day operations. An NDA is a way to ensure that private information stays that way.

Protect customer data, trade secrets, business plans, and even ideas derived from privately shared information with the right deal. Living wills, health care guidelines and more for your condition. Select the document you want to create from our template library. All of our templates are provided by lawyers to ensure they are accurate, complete and up-to-date. “I searched high and down for a website or software to make my will. Thank you for the excellent website, ease of use and cost-effectiveness. We`ve been helping millions of people like you for over a decade. A unique list of lawyers who offer their services at some of the most competitive prices available today. A brief overview describing what the form is for and the requirements of the applicable state law. A promissory note is a type of loan agreement. It can be repaid with or without interest, in instalments or all at once. It may or may not require guarantees. It all depends on the type of rating and the terms you choose.

Your document is automatically updated with the information you provided. It`s also fully customizable, so you can update any section. There are several types of agreements that allow you to use the services of a consultant, contractor or sales representative. Other services include things like an agent or affiliate or a consignment or distribution business. LEGAL TOOLS Support the use of your forms with legal definitions, a statute book and legal questions and answers to deepen your understanding of key areas of law Click on the specific section or document you need to get started. Doing business online often means making the right arrangements to ensure that your website is maintained as well as any physical store or office. It can also be Internet advertising or to ensure the protection of software distribution. SEARCH & BROWSE Search for a specific form or topic, or click to browse the most important categories and search examples. If you`re not sure which form you need, check out the categories below. We take you to the right place.

You can protect the rights to your unique creations by claiming ownership rights to a patent, trademark or copyright. This may include permissions or rights to use or reproduce material or to seek injunctive relief.