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Each state has its own crazy laws. Perhaps the strangest thing to know is that most laws are made in response to real-life situations. Here are some of the most unusual laws for the state of Utah. If only we knew the stories behind them, how they came about. Most of the time, however, there is a rational (though sometimes unfair) reason for the old laws and regulations that we find strange from the perspective of modern society. Every state has laws that can be considered old-fashioned, and certainly all 50 states have their fair share of laws that could be considered completely bizarre. In this article, you will find that the State of the Hive is no exception. There are many strange laws in Utah, but the law that prohibits keeping animals on a street corner is quite unique. Driving a herd of animals in this state is only allowed if you get approval from the mayor. There was an incident where shepherds were allowed to drive their sheep on the road undisturbed, causing traffic problems and unhappy motorists. In response, lawmakers passed laws to prevent livestock, llamas, emus and other ungulates from being herded onto city streets.

One of Utah`s most foreign laws prohibits residents from throwing rocks at cars. The law was introduced to avoid annoying pedestrians and travelers. The only exception is the owner`s permission. Throwing stones or stones at vehicles is an annoying habit, and therefore it may be a good idea to obey this law. Utah is widely known for its strict laws when it comes to selling alcohol, and some cities in the state ban the sale of alcohol altogether. However, despite the strict laws surrounding alcohol consumption in Utah, it seems a bit extreme to ban the sale of alcohol in an emergency — perhaps if you want to drink the most. Since laws are designed to protect people and their property, why were some laws included in the books in the first place? From laws banning more than four unrelated women from living together in Missouri (to stupid laws) to laws against camel hunting in the state of Arizona (via rankers), one could conclude that lawmakers were out of their pots generations ago when these laws were proposed. Utah is home to many famous attractions, including the incredible red cliffs of Zion National Park, eye-catching ski resorts like Snowbird, and Alta Ski Resorts. With such elegant sites to explore, you can`t imagine that Utah is also home to some of the strangest laws. Some of these laws are remnants of bygone eras, while others appear to have been created locally. Are you curious about what is illegal in this state? Below are 20 of Utah`s strange laws that are real.

Florida ran into trouble in 2013 when it accidentally locked all of the state`s computers. A confusingly worded law banning internet cafes involved in illegal gambling has led to legal action, arguing that the ban could be interpreted as applying to any device connected to the internet. If you need legal help, Robert J. DeBry & Associates will help you navigate laws you`ve never heard of. The state of Utah as a whole seems to have the lion`s share of strange laws. When Mormons moved to the area in the late 19th century, they carried with them a deeply rooted religious belief that undoubtedly helped shape many of the laws that were originally passed. Many of them are still in the books today. These are just a few of the many strange laws in the state of Utah that most law enforcement officials don`t like to follow.

Some are too old and have simply never been modified, while others have been revised to adapt to modern times. The laws and social pacts we respect today could become obsolete in a generation or two. After all, we live in an ever-changing world, full of a population whose wants and needs change regularly. As in most states of the Union, many of the archaic laws we scratch our heads with today were designed to keep women submissive. In the small community of Logan, it is illegal for women to use profanity. There is also a state law that makes the husband legally responsible for all crimes committed by his wife (via stupid laws). Strange laws abound in Utah. One of those laws states that it`s illegal to change the weather in Utah — without a permit. According to the Utah Administrative Code, weather modifications include “all actions undertaken to artificially disperse or create cores in cloud masses in order to alter precipitation, cloud shape, or other meteorological parameters.” Some of Utah`s strange laws only apply in certain cities, like Kaysville`s law, which states you can`t walk into a supermarket after dark without showing ID. Trout Creek is another Utah town with an unusual law – you can`t use gunpowder to cure headaches. Apparently, this law came about because pharmacists used to prescribe gunpowder to relieve headaches.

Utah is a state with a rich history and beautiful scenery that can be seen in many national and state parks. It is also a state that has created ridiculous laws that could turn anyone into a common criminal. Read on to take a look at some of the most outrageous laws Utah has included in books. So, did you know about these strange laws in Utah? Do you know any other strange things about Utah? Or maybe you have some fun facts about Utah? Tell us! Did you know that elephant hunting is illegal in Utah? It`s one of Utah`s many strange laws still in effect. The Utah legislature passed a law in 1909 that made elephant hunting illegal. The unintended consequence of this law is that no one in the state of Utah can legally kill an elephant for any reason. Many states have laws restricting various activities on Sundays, but in Iowa it is illegal to sell cars or RVs on Sundays. The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (DABC) has the sole mandate for the importation of all alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is expensive in Utah, but you can`t stock up on alcohol in another state and bring it here. If you come from a foreign country, you can keep a few liters for personal use.

People who have a second home out of state can get permission from DABC to bring alcohol. You must pay a fee and bring alcohol once. Accredited foreign diplomatic missions or inheritances may request release. Utah`s 20 Strange Laws described in this article are amusing and show the conservative nature of the state. They are influenced by Church teachings and Mormon culture in the hive state. This is evident in the strict law against alcohol consumption, where in some cities it is illegal to buy, sell or consume any form of alcohol. Also, some of Utah`s strange laws are a response to real-world incidents, while others are the result of the state`s culture and history. When it comes to strange laws in Utah, the above laws are just the tip of the iceberg. There are other illegal things in Utah that will make you scratch your head. For example, it is illegal to cause any kind of disaster in Utah. So what exactly counts as a disaster? Well, according to the state penal code, a disaster is defined as “the use of a weapon of mass destruction or explosion, fire, flood, avalanche, collapse of a building, or any other harmful or destructive force or substance that is not a weapon of mass destruction.” An internet search for “strange laws in Utah” returns tons of results — many of which aren`t accurate.

When we started researching this article, we found all sorts of allegations about illegal things in Utah, but we couldn`t find many of them in a prescription or code. However, we were able to find some strange laws in Utah that are actually in the books. Some make sense, while others make you scratch your head. Just like the strange laws in Utah, fun facts about Utah are abundant. Did you know, for example, that Utah is the only state where each county contains part of a national forest? Or what about the fact that the inventor of the Frisbee and the inventor of the prototype of the first all-electric TV are both from Utah? Finally, there is the fact that Utah is the only state whose capital makes three words. Interestingly, it was initially four words long. That`s right; Salt Lake City was originally known as Great Salt Lake City; However, it was eventually shortened because it was too similar to the Great Salt Lake. According to Utah State Code, Chapter 76a, Section 3011, causing a disaster due to recklessness makes you guilty of a C. Causing any type of disaster in Utah is illegal. Do you know what is considered a disaster? Well, the state penal code defines a disaster as the use of weapons of mass destruction, fire, avalanches, explosions, building collapse, flooding, and other destructive forces or harmful substances that can cause widespread damage or injury. It may show up in Utah`s list of strange laws, and the language looks funny, but if you look at it closely, it makes a lot of sense.