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Trying to figure out how pliers, kendo sticks, and a normal set of wrestling moves would remove an eye only makes you feel bad. Without the Eye for an Eye determination, this game would have been much easier to digest as the work here went smoothly. The Horror Show at Extreme Rules was the 12th annual professional wrestling pay-per-view event for WWE. It was played for wrestlers in the promotion`s Raw and SmackDown brand divisions. The event was broadcast on July 19, 2020. While most of the event was broadcast live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, the main event was taped on July 16 and 17 at an undisclosed location about two hours from Orlando. The concept of Extreme Rules is that the event features various hardcore matches. The 2020 event was the only Extreme Rules event to have a modified title, and as the name suggests, the event had horror matches on the map with a base in hardcore wrestling. Rollins stuck Rey`s other eye on the stairs. Before making a sidewalk, he noticed that Mysterio`s (fake) eye had come out of the socket. Rollins vomited, the match was over.

A ridiculous ending for what was a good game. On the May 11 episode of Raw, Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black defeated Seth Rollins and Murphy by disqualification. After the match, an angry Rollins used the corner of the steel steps to pierce Mysterio`s eye,[27] putting Mysterio out of action. Meanwhile, Mysterio`s son, Dominik, tried to stand up to Rollins against Mysterio`s wishes.[28] In the June 22 episode, Rollins tried to pierce Dominik`s eye, but was unsuccessful.[29] Mysterio then challenged Rollins to a match at Extreme Rules.[20] In the July 6 episode, Mysterio and Kevin Owens defeated Rollins and Murphy in a tag team match, allowing Mysterio to choose the condition for their match at Extreme Rules. Mysterio chose an eye for an eye match. WWE later confirmed that in order to win the match, a contestant had to attract the attention of their opponent.[30] [31] — BXSavagesChsn28Szn (@MikeDesorbo1) July 20, 2020 A tangled finish mitigated the match, but also protected both women. Bayley tried to interfere when Sasha tapped out of the lock Asuka, which led Asuka to accidentally hit the referee. After the referee was incapacitated, Bayley inexplicably put on the referee`s jersey after the title was used to defeat Asuka, then counted to three. Cesaro, Nakamura, Kofi and Big E are excellent talents worthy of the spotlight, but a table match for a tepid rivalry at best was not the right decision. In the end, it wasn`t a bad game; They just worked with what they had.

Table games are usually tension-free and deliver an intense amount of teasing. This game was no different. At Money in the Bank, Braun Strowman defended the Universal Championship against Bray Wyatt. [25] Wyatt returned on the June 19 episode of SmackDown in a Firefly Fun House segment interrupted by Strowman, who explained that Wyatt had his chance to make money at the bank but failed. Wyatt explained that their feud was just beginning before he became his former cult leader persona for the Wyatt family. Wyatt said they need to take a step back before they can move forward, explaining that since he created Strowman, his job has been to destroy it. The following week, Strowman recounted how he joined Wyatt and recited a story about his time at Wyatt`s estate in the Florida swamps.[23] Strowman then challenges Wyatt to return to the quagmire for a fight, and a non-title fight in between, the Wyatt Swamp Fight, is planned for Extreme Rules. [24] [26] Unfortunately, this match was a dismal failure. Extreme Rules 2020 starts at 7pm EST. As usual, there will be a one-hour launch show before the show, starting at 6pm EST.

If you live elsewhere, you`ll find the following times when WWE Extreme Rules 2020 begins. Qué le meta una demanda Ww por daños y perjuicio a su salud. Seth Rollins vs. Rey Mysterio – Eye for an Eye Match: #ExtremeRules, 19. July 2020 | Results On the June 15 episode of Raw, MVP contacted American champion Apollo Crews, telling him he needed a manager if he wanted to continue his reign, but Crews turned down the offer. The following week, MVP again tried to convince Crews to join, but Crews again declined.[29] The MVP then defeated Crews in a non-title match on the June 29 episode.[20] After the match, Crews attacked MVP, who was saved by Bobby Lashley, who brutally applied the Full Nelson to Crews. The following week, MVP unveiled a new belt design for the United States Championship, stating that he would fight crews for the title in Extreme Rules.[21] [30] Both teams worked hard, but the condition prevented the game from becoming something special. There wasn`t much drama, but Cesaro, who bombarded Kofi through a pair of tables to become champion, was a solid finish.

For WWE Extreme Rules, the company naturally promoted it as The Horror Show at Extreme Rules 2020. There are already two games with bizarre layouts on the map, and it looks like more will be added. Nikki Cross played the first few minutes of this match in a fast forward. It was a topic at this point in the evening. A lot seemed to depend on this match, especially after Bayley`s victory. Either Sasha Banks and Bayley conquer all the gold and hold it, or Sasha Banks fails and everything starts to fall apart. This is the match that will determine whether Apollo Crews has finally been able to break free from its rather trivial WWE booking model.